601 CNRS researchers have obtained a European Research Council (ERC) grant since 2007. This enables them to conduct exploratory research of their choice over a five-year period - all of which in exceptional conditions!

Why go for it?
Laureates tell you about their experience.

“The ERC is a milestone in my career as a researcher.”
Pierre Comon
“The ERC is a real boost for French research!”
Bruno Chaudret
“The ERC gives me the opportunity to conduct basic research on Alzheimer’s disease.”
Christelle Hureau-Sabater
“When dealing with breakthrough research subjects, you have to challenge yourself.”
Yanne Chembo Kouomou
“In my opinion, the freedom offered by the ERC is unique.”
Véronique Cortier
“The CNRS offers favorable conditions for obtaining an ERC grant.”
Cristina Toninelli
“The ERC changes the way I do research, and it’s a real intellectual challenge!”
Katell Berthelot
“The ERC enables me to work over the long term at last.”
Sylvie Lorthois
“It seems a bit paradoxical, but with the ERC I had to put my ego aside.”
César Ducruet
“I applied to the ERC so that I would not have to do my research alone.”
Marianne Lemoine-Goumard
“If there were no limits to your research, what would you do?”
Susana Coelho
“This new challenge brought me back to the heart of science — like during my PhD!”
Gérard Besson
“With this grant I can conduct a truly interdisciplinary project.”
Costantino Creton
“I wanted to continue investigating the data from the Planck satellite.”
Nabila Aghanim
“The ERC has allowed my projects to progress in a way I wouldn’t have dreamed of.”
Tatiana Giraud
“You should try the ERC immediately after your postdoc.”
Antonin Morillon
“Thanks to the ERC, I was able to successfully apply to other calls for proposals.”
Jérémie Bec

How to apply

Useful CNRS resources

Entry points, contact and resources to put together your application and submit it to the ERC.