635 CNRS researchers have obtained a European Research Council (ERC) grant since 2007. This enables them to conduct exploratory research of their choice over a five-year period - all of which in exceptional conditions!

Pierre Comon
Tensor Decomposition for Data analysis with Applications to Health and Environment
Systems and Communication Engineering (PE7)
Grenoble Images Parole Signal Automatique (GIPSA-lab)
Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies
“The ERC is a milestone in my career as a researcher.”
The project that I submitted to the ERC aims to solve complex mathematical problems in collaboration with specialists in fields complementary to my own. I also wanted to work on an important public health issue. The ultimate goal of our research is to detect certain toxic substances in food and water. Today I think it’s important to emphasize the social benefits of research for European citizens. To devote myself fully to this ambitious project, I turned down an opportunity to take on greater responsibilities in my laboratory. The ERC is a milestone in my career as a researcher. For the first time, I have a team of full-time permanent colleagues. After all these years of work, I find it extremely satisfying to be able to explore such appealing subjects. It’s like climbing up a mountain: after hours of trudging uphill comes the enormous pleasure of reaching the summit. From there you can admire the landscape and the view of all the other peaks. And that’s when you realize that it’s never over!

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