635 CNRS researchers have obtained a European Research Council (ERC) grant since 2007. This enables them to conduct exploratory research of their choice over a five-year period - all of which in exceptional conditions!

Bruno Chaudret

Bruno Chaudret

The ERC is an EU grant that allows scientists to hold their heads high, think in the long term and undertake truly creative research. Here in France, laboratories receive insufficient funding, and financing programs are not very attractive. In other words, the ERC is a real boost for French research! Since it was initiated nearly ten years ago, the ERC model has proved effective, producing valuable scientific results in most cases. In addition to the funds it provides, it is also proof that freedom is good for research. Moreover, the good performance of the CNRS with regard to ERC grants testifies to our researchers’ strong creative abilities. The presence of permanent researchers in the laboratories is extremely useful for drafting proposals, and it provides a framework to pursue projects over the long term. It is nonetheless an elitist program that requires researchers to engage in self-promotion, which is not the done thing in our culture . That’s one of the reasons why there aren’t more applicants.

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